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Each month, Cultura’s Executive Chef Eric Morris will collaborate with a guest chef to design a unique culinary experience. Some of the guest chefs do not have brick and mortar locations and others may be more hands on in their restaurants and therefore have less time for the limelight. We are excited to work with the guest chefs to give them space to present their vision and emotional connection for their cuisine. Each dinner will begin with an impeccable cocktail and continued through multiple courses along with beverage pairings to compliment each course.

Each dinner in the series will feature a non-profit selected by our guest chefs to reflect the true collaborative effort of our community. Cultura will make a donation to each non-profit to support their critical community services.

The Cultivated Community Dinner Series is designed to be intimate and intentional. We are striving to create an environment that cultivates positive community and authentic connection.

Upcoming Dinners


Join us for our next Cultivated Community Dinner on June 29th with Momofuku!

East Fork Pottery and Cultura are excited to share Momofuku will be expanding their recently released EF collaboration to include Cultura for a very special dinner on June 29th benefitting BeLoved Asheville.

Limited tickets are available for each dinner.

For reservations email