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Foraging & Wild Food Tours

Venture into the wild with Cultura and No Taste Like Home, where foraging isn’t just an adventure—it's your ticket to an unparalleled dining experience. Imagine trudging through Asheville’s lush landscape, treasures in hand, ready to transform them into a dish that’s utterly, indescribably you.

Here’s the rundown: Sign up for a foraging tour with No Taste Like Home and gather nature’s bounty under the canopy of our beloved mountains. But don’t let your journey end there. Bring your finds to Cultura, where Chef Eric Morris and his team await to weave your foraged goods into a culinary masterpiece, exclusive to your table.

Ready to dive in? Here's how to ensure your foraged feast is as seamless as the transition from forest floor to plate:

Reserve: Book your spot at Cultura via Resy, and let us know you’re a proud forager. This heads-up is crucial—our magic needs a touch of planning.

The Drop: Morning finds? Bring them to the Funkatorium by 3PM on the same day. The Funkatorium is our sister restaurant, just next door. For afternoon foragers, plan for a next-day culinary delight at Cultura. Note: Late Saturday tours won’t mesh with our prep times, and Sundays are reserved for our Cease & Desist series, where the menu is set and foraged goods can’t be accommodated.

Dine & Delight: Return to Cultura at your reserved time, and let the alchemy of your day’s adventure unfold on your plate. Your wild dish? It works best when doing our tasting menu- you server will discuss with you our plan on incorporating your special dish into the spread.


Embark on your foraging adventure with a purpose, knowing the ground rules ensure your wild finds become part of a dining experience as thoughtful and innovative as the ecosystems they come from. This isn’t just dining. It’s a story—a tale of soil, soul, and creativity, where every bite whispers secrets of the earth beneath Asheville’s skies. Let’s create unforgettable meals together, one foraged find at a time.