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Wicked Weed’s new Cultura restaurant: What to know before you go


The staff at Cultura, the new restaurant attached to Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium, spent the week fine-tuning operations, holding private service periods in advance of the public opening on May 3. For this project, the Wicked Weed team has teamed up with Table and All Day Darling owner Jacob Sessoms and a talented kitchen crew, including Ben Hester, former Townhouse sous chef. The result: something that feels at once sumptuous and comfortable, and somehow long-established. If you’re planning a visit, here’s some of what you should know before you go.

First, you should feast

Many diners these days gravitate toward small plates and tastes, shying away from giant plates of food, which can get monotonous.  But you should consider the piled-up platters from the “Feasts” page of Cultura’s menu, which can serve two or more, and up to about six, people.

The Charleston No. 6 included a tangle of king crab legs, soft-shell crabs and crab-stuffed flounder, all served over fried Carolina Gold rice with fermented-garlic butter and chili sauce on the side. There’s something viscerally pleasing about the act of digging into an almost absurdly large platter of crab, using tools to crush, snip and pry out the sweet meat. That’s partially what the team here is after; that sort of hands-on eating evokes a feeling of luxury, but it’s also something altogether fun.

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